Thursday the 11th of September, the Swedish government granted the extension of the permit for the wind farm at Stora Middelgrund, for another six years.
Universal Wind Offshore AB.

Universal Wind Offshore's business concept is to develop wind farms in marine environments and to be a partner in production companies that produce electricity from wind farms developed by us.

Currently, the company's only task is to establish the wind farm at Stora Middelgrund. At a later stage, we intend to initiate projection of further development of marine wind farms.

The company was founded in 2005 by Ola Gjejervall and Björn Algkvist. During that year the company also acquired results from the projections and investigations made since 2001 which purpose was to assess whether Stora Middelgrund is a suitable area for large scale windfarming. During 2005, the company also worked hard to get a complete foundation for an application to the government to submit in the beginning of 2006. This included public consultations in seven communities during November and December.

Prerequisites for Universal Wind Offshore's intended market, i.e. large scale marine wind farming, were drawn up when the Swedish parliament made a decision in 2001 that Sweden must produce 10 TWh by 2015. Technical prerequisits already exist, but to make these investments financially possible it is necessary to make the current system with line concessions permanent until at least 2025.

The overall project management will be handled by the company's employees. The project will obtain critical resources by contracting people or companies who seem to have the best qualifications for this purpose. Some contracted companies, today working actively with the project's application phase, are: SWECO VBB AB, Marin Mätteknik AB, DHI, Toxicon AB, Marine Monitoring AB, Cleps AB, Lund University and Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå AB.

Universal Wind Offshore estimates that there are sufficient funds to perform those investigations necessary to submit a complete application for required permits and the initial part of the purchasing. Should the government decide to grant the permits needed, funds will be made available by increasing the company's equity and by loans. Björn Algkvist*, owner and Chairman of the Board, and Ola Gjejervall*, CEO, make up the core of Universal Wind Offshore.

* Ola Gejervall is one of the most experienced people in Sweden when it comes to wind farming. Since 1997, he has been involved in the projection and managing of wind turbines. He has been involved in several project, including being the owner of and responsible for the preparation and building of two of the biggest wind farms on land in Sweden: Hedagården and Skarhults Nygård in the south of Sweden.

* Björn Algkvist has long international experience in the field. He has worked and is still working actively in more than 10 companies as a major holder, board member and/or leading position holder. These companies have been mainly technology oriented, especially focusing on the energy sector in the past year. From 1978 to 1983 Algkvist studied Industrial Management at Linköping University. Since then he has founded e.g. Intentia, which he as the company's CEO has turned into the largest software company in Sweden with more than 4,000 employees in 40 countries.

* Mia Bergström has worked with wind power project management since 1999 and has been involved in the work with the offshore parks Lillgrund and Stora Middegrund as well as several onshore projects in Sweden, Italy and France.